03 January 2014

2014 Reading List

Pynchon - Against the Day
Nabokov - Bend Sinster
Nabokov - Annotated Lolita
Martin Amis - The Information
Dumas - Le compte de Monte Cristo
Laurence Sterne - A Sentimental Journey and Other Writings
Bulgakov - The Country Doctor's Notebook
Cervantes - Don Quixote
Proust - A l'ombre des jeunes filles en fleur
James - The Bostonians
Gaddis - A Frolic of His Own
DT Max - DFW Biography
Barth - Lost in the Funhouse
DFW - Girl with Curious Hair
another Beckett novel or two
The Holy Bible
Book of Irish fairy tales and folklore (edited by Yeats)
Rabelais - Gargantua et Pantagruel
Connor - Two Girls, One on Each Knee (abt cryptic crosswords)
Gossett - Divas and Scholars (abt italian opera)
Mann - The Magic Mountain
Tolkien - The Silmarillion
Ovid - Metamorphoses
Turgenev - Fathers and Sons
Augustine - Confessions
Barthelme - Overnight to Many Distant Cities

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